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Making friends with Social Media and how to integrate it with your Enterprise Marketing

Submitted by Cameron Hulett, Global Director of Marketing and Sales on Wed, 12/21/2011 - 11:33

Marketer Trends

It is amazing how unsocial "social media" is. It stands high on every marketing department’s priority list, yet it remains in its own silo, almost as an experiment.

Senior management is now rightly asking for results – results that can be compared to other channels. This means marketing departments need to rapidly create plans, select the right tools and integrate those tools into the marketing mix. And it’s this integration that causes most marketers to stumble and where accountability becomes an issue.

So, which technology do you choose – a social listening, promotion or publishing platform? Which vendor best suits you? How do you integrate the new technology to see consolidated reports and get the most out of your data? How does social become part of your customer segmentation model? What KPIs should you use? And how do you do this quickly and efficiently to ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to stay ahead of your competition?

Some of the answers, or at least, our thoughts on these, can be found in the thoughtpiece Rapid Integration of “Social” into Enterprise Marketing. While there might be many questions and many opinions out there, we believe that it is possible to integrate social media into any business in such a way that it engages the audience, elicits specific behaviour, and delivers measurable value. This, however, requires more than strategy alone. You need to have a clear vision and insight to create a roadmap to manage this channel, navigate the overabundance of tools and technologies in the market and make optimal use of the resources available to you.

The difficulty here, like most things in the new technology space, is in selecting the right tools for your current, as well as future, needs. So tread carefully – the benefits for those who make the right decisions upfront can be extensive.

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