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What We Do

What is Media Modernization?

Transformation initiatives are often treated as large, discreet, long-term investments that transition the business into a more advanced digital state by adopting the newest available technologies.

Media Modernization asks businesses to rethink that approach. It’s a less disruptive and more effective strategy to achieve sustained growth in a time where the technology never stops evolving and the pace of change only accelerates.

Media Modernization is a process, not a destination. It’s a framework for perpetual growth rooted in a culture of exploration and innovation. It prioritizes targeted, incremental improvements that help your business thrive from the inside out. It keeps you on the cutting edge without the risks or burdens associated with large-scale transformations.


Strategy &

We’re your trusted advisers on your journey to perpetual growth. We’ll help you build a path to sustainable maturity, drive operational transformation, and cultivate real business outcomes. We measure our success by yours, so we aren’t satisfied until you are.

Technology &

Your technology investments should always have a clear roadmap to valuable returns. We help manage global roll-outs, streamline complex ecosystems, improve performance with machine learning, enhance efficiencies with automation, and develop a culture that embraces innovative solutions. All with a straight line to business success.

Data &

Connecting data that fuels insight and drives media value is at the heart of what we do. Our data practitioners constantly seek new ways to increase your ability to make confident business decisions, including partnering with MIT to develop state-of-the-art solutions in clustering, attribution, and dynamic pricing. We’ve been doing it for decades, and we’re just getting started.

Sales & Adoption

We’ll get you set up right and make sure you stay that way, even as things change around you. Whether you need dedicated specialists, training, upskilling, or tech support, we deliver whatever level of service helps you succeed. As Google’s longest-standing implementation partner, we support 500+ brands each day on Google Marketing Platform.

Consulting Solutions

Modernization is an always-on process, not an annual investment. It’s iterative, and something we do with our clients in partnership. We’re not setting lofty annual goals, causing mass disruption, or walking away at the end of the funding saying, ‘we’re done.’ Change will never stop, so we’ll never be done.

We’re a force for modernization, challenging brands to be the very best they can be and helping them do it. It’s a path we walk with our clients every day as we continue the modernization journey.

Strategy & Transformation

Growth Strategy & Technology Business Case

Every company has a different path to sustainable growth. To help you find it, we work with you to harness the right combination of data, analytics, technology, and strategy. And we believe that building your future also relies on helping you build the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to sustain your journey.

Digital Maturity Assessment & Roadmap

Digital maturity has a different definition today than it will tomorrow, and different implications at one company than another. That’s why our structured assessments show exactly where, why, and how you can advance your maturity based on your unique needs and goals — and how each step forward leads to improved business performance.

Operational Transformation

In a fast-paced world, you need a partner that can think big and act accordingly. We work with C-suites to develop agile, data-driven, customer-centric strategies, then we get down in the trenches to operationalize every step of the journey, including workflows, processes, metrics, communications, and everything else.

Media Management In-Housing

Every business is unique, so we work closely with our clients to identify the best media management model to meet your needs. We’ll together explore in-house, outsourced, near-shore, off-shore, global, local, centralized, decentralized, federated, and a myriad of other hybrid scenarios.

Roadmaps & Program Design

An actionable roadmap strikes just the right balance of timeliness, detail, and vision. It aligns culture, operating models, ways of working, and technology. Our experts work with you to co-create “living,” integrated roadmaps that enable full team participation, measurement, optimization, and a fast track to true value.

Technology & Automation

Platform Audit & Optimization

We work with you to understand the priority use cases that drive the most value for your business. We align them to your tech stack to identify how campaigns are executed, how data is utilized, where gaps lie, and which upgrades may be necessary. Then we develop a platform strategy that directly advances your data and media maturity.

Tech Architecture Analysis

Architecting the optimal combination of technology and data to deliver on changing business needs is a formidable task. We’ll conduct an expert analysis and equip you with a methodical process to evaluate, select, build, and activate a tech stack that helps you achieve your specific goals.

Platform Integration and Implementation

Our media, analytics, and data specialists implement and integrate all aspects of the Google Marketing Platform to unlock every bit of value we can for our clients. We optimize it further by integrating Google Analytics with the Google Cloud Platform, putting enhanced performance at the center of your media execution.

Cloud Data Platform/Customer Data Platform

We’ll activate your audience strategy by building a customer data model that integrates core data from your cloud environment. We apply identity resolution to enable rich segmentation with behavioral data, which we can then use to automate both media and marketing campaigns for optimal results.

Activation & Automation

We’ll help you activate your 1st and 3rd party data from within Google Cloud Platform, automating your data feeds into your search, display, and marketing platforms. Within Google Cloud Platform,, we can enrich profiles with powerful data attributes, create actionable audience segments, and activate those audiences with automated triggers to drive valuable results.

Experiments & Media Effectiveness Testing

We design custom rubrics and conduct calculated experiments to gather insights into the effectiveness of your media. We’ll help you optimize your investments across different channels and identify the tactics with the highest sales lift through scientific approaches like geographical experiments and incrementality testing.

Data & Analytics

Privacy & Data Governance

We foster a privacy-first approach to data governance, helping you manage the availability, usability, integrity, and security of your data. We design or enhance processes for campaign creation, taxonomies, best practices for data layer design, and the standards for where and when data should be collected.

Data Onboarding

Gathering useful data is just as important as using it effectively. We’ll help you identify relevant data sources, create transformation models, and design and implement the tools that feed your data into various GMP/GCP solutions, enriching your customer data, enhancing your insights, and driving improved performance.

Measurement Strategy

Media marketers have an abundance of data, but often struggle to translate it into strategic decisions. We help model ROI and response curves with sales data from internal and external sources to enable fact-based decisions that drive business growth. We use a range of methodologies including econometrics, data-driven attribution, and experiments.

Data Driven Attribution

The best data-driven attribution models assign credit to digital touchpoints based on their ability to drive conversions for your business – not simply based on first or last click. We help marketers get an accurate, real-time view of the effectiveness of their digital media channels that can feed into reliable, repeatable, strategic optimizations.

Audience Strategy

The highest value audiences are the ones that are tailored to your media strategy. They can be built algorithmically or based on attributions. We analyze and segment your audiences based on 1st and 3rd party data and activate them seamlessly in-platform.

Visualization & Simulation

Our BI solutions support the strategic and tactical decisions you need to make. We work with you to standardize reporting based on your measurement strategy, creating a single source of measurement across multiple platforms. Your BI strategies can be visualized in third party solutions like Data Studio, Looker, and others.

Predictive Modeling & Algorithms

We can accurately model your potential for lifetime value, churn, audience scoring, revenue, purchase prediction, and more. We also analyze customer interactions to provide sentiment analysis scores and develop custom algorithms to significantly increase the performance of search, programmatic, and social media.

Technology Sales & Adoption

Product Sales

We have been Google Marketing Platform Certified Sales Partners for more than 20 years. We are specialists across the full Google Marketing Platform stack and can work with you to tailor a package that supports your needs. Our experts have deep domain expertise in Google technology and its ability to deliver value.

Product Implementation & Integration

It’s essential to have the right account structures for your Google Marketing Platform Products. Our technology onboarding process covers account and billing creation, ensuring the foundational tagging and product-to-product integrations are in place and verifying that your products are all ready for feature activation and optimization.

Product Training

We are Google’s longest-standing implementation partner, with decades of experience training clients across the full Google Marketing Platform suite. Our CM/DV/SA/GA360 training includes platform setup and management, orientation, audience strategy, inventory and feeds, data collection, and data-driven activation.

Technology Support

We’ll make sure you receive full cross-platform training from knowledgeable specialists for any new technology. We also provide regular upskill sessions to prepare you for new feature adoption. Plus, of course, we offer standard technical and consultative support and troubleshooting through a user-friendly customer service portal.

Product Audits

Rich, reliable data is a fundamental asset for every business. We make sure you’re fully leveraging your Google Products, 3rd party data, and analytics data. We also check the health of your data and the quality of your analytics and other integrations. Then we show the steps to identify, collect, clean, combine, and manage multiple sources of data to meet your goals.

Product Usage Audits

Through our product usage audits, we evaluate technology utilization, setups, and capabilities to gain insights into the platform’s maturity. We identify errors and possible issues in setup or configuration. We highlight missed opportunities to enhance efficiencies. And we identify where further training and education might be needed.

Who We Are

Acceleration in Numbers across GroupM Network

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Media Practitioners

Google Practitioners

Our Journey

We are a global network of consultants, data scientists, technologists, and practitioners. In 1999, we became Google’s first implementation partner, and for more than 20 years we’ve been trusted partners to Google, consulting with clients to unlock the value of their technology investment and maximizing their media performance.

In 2012, we were brought into the WPP ecosystem, where we established close working relationships with GroupM’s agencies and global partners. Together with our agency partners, our skilled Accelerators have been providing both consultative and hands-on support to power modernization and growth at many of the world’s biggest brands.

Our mission is to help advertisers modernize their businesses by focusing on sustainable growth and building seamless connections between media strategy, data & privacy practices, technology investments, and marketing goals.

We Are
Google Consultants


Grant Keller

Global CEO

Grant is a 30-year ad-tech veteran and proven business leader. He’s been with Acceleration since its founding in 1999 and was appointed Global CEO in 2016. Grant’s leadership philosophy encapsulates the Acceleration creed: Bold ambitions and practical skills are equally important.

Ed Flower

Global Chief Commercial Officer

Ed has been driving future-forward thinking and long-term growth for many of the world’s largest brands for more than two decades. Based in the UK, Ed oversees anything that helps accelerate our growth and commercial interests, including new client relationships and marketing.

Christiaan Uys

Global Chief Operating Officer

Christiaan is a senior finance and operational executive with more than 15 years’ experience helping digital businesses scale. From our SA office, Christiaan keeps our resources and strategy aligned with a sharp focus on agility and growth as the Acceleration footprint expands.

Liza Nunes

Global EVP, Google Partnership

With 25 years of digital marketing experience across a variety of high profile organizations, Liza brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Based out of Los Angeles, she leads our Global Google Partnership, including the development and growth of our Google Advertising Technology services.

Paw Saxgren

Global Chief Product Officer

Paw is a GroupM veteran committed to a lifelong pursuit of personal and academic growth. His studies in Business Economics at CBS and Management & Innovation at MIT are a glimpse of the wide range of knowledge he adds to the Acceleration team and in his pivotal role at GroupM.


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Meet the Accelerators

Accelerators are driven by our ability to help our clients grow. We are ambitious operators living in a practical world. We are technologists, data scientists, practitioners, strategists, consultants, and allies. We aim to demystify transformation, simplify media marketing, and present you with a clear roadmap to sustainable growth. And we stand by every word we say — rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty, keeping you on track, and never losing sight of the goals. Acceleration is a place for people who love to learn new skills, are inspired by innovation, and genuinely enjoy helping businesses succeed.

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