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Acceleration’s Learnership Academy

Acceleration, like most marketing technology companies, struggles with finding technical resources with the necessary digital marketing experience. And the problem lies at all levels – from junior to senior. So, the only solution is to grow our own talent!

The client requirements at Acceleration are complex and sophisticated, which makes it difficult to find simple training use-cases. We needed a better way to solve the following issues:

  1. Recruiting the right people who have a clear understanding of the role
  2. A broad curriculum that is designed to cover both soft skills and technical skills
  3. A focused training co-ordinator who can plan and deliver training content
  4. A program that nurtures recruits through hands-on practical modules, from simple to complex

This is why we created the Acceleration Learnership Acc.ademy, a program where candidates are employed by Acceleration for a year and receive ongoing off-site training through an accredited institution. They earn an NQF certificate at the end of the year-long program.

We will accelerate the recruits through several months of focused training and then settle them into their teams where they can be productive. The base understanding of the industry and tech landscape from the initial period provides context so that client complexities are easily grasped. The recruits are able to participate in client conversations and support their team members on billable work. They still require training, but it’s now focused on specific advanced topics and thus much easier to facilitate within their teams.

Instead of Internships, Acceleration decided to structure the program as a Learnership.