Activating Google DV360 in 2 Weeks for an E-Commerce Brand

Powering Programmatic Success through GMP Implementation

Our global e-commerce client sought to incorporate programmatic advertising into their media mix. The challenge: they had no resources or expertise to manage an internal trading desk. The brand needed full access to Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) technology, plus comprehensive training on programmatic fundamentals and processes, anchored in managed services and support.


The client challenged us to co-create their in-house programmatic framework, processes and strategic digital playbooks and help them develop a consistent data strategy through the Google Marketing Platform.


Our expertise as a GMP Sales and Services Partner for 20+ years enabled us to unlock the power of programmatic advertising across the company’s global business units. With our guidance, the client was activated in DV360 within two weeks.

Our approach included:

  • Partnering with the brand’s North America and Europe, Middle East and Africa business units to launch campaigns efficiently
  • Aligning our global managed services teams to complement the client’s resources
  • Delivering an extensive training curriculum to the client’s existing media team, plus full training for all new hires
  • Configuring the brand’s data transfer across US, EU and AU/NZ campaign manager networks

The brand adopted GMP as their primary campaign delivery and measurement platform with our support. Our martech strategy and implementation expertise led to the following results:

  • 200%+ budget increase MoM in the first quarter via DV360
  • Smooth onboarding onto DV360 within two weeks
  • Adopting multiple programmatic formats and channels into the media mix: display, video, native and YouTube  
  • Implementing our managed trafficking service for Campaign Manager 360 across all media partners
  • Providing technology consultation and recommendations on Tealium implementation