Measurement & Optimization


Acceleration@Mediacom partnered with Specsavers to optimize their media buying and automate the manual process of budget allocation and pace management.


Over the past few years, technical limitations and political restrictions regarding the collection and use of third-party data have made it increasingly difficult for advertisers to attribute conversions back to digital media activities. This has made it more difficult to optimize media buying and ensure ROAS and efficiency.  To meet this challenge and need, Acceleration@MediaCom worked with Specsavers and developed Paradigm: a digital attribution and optimization tool that works independently of cookies.  Via direct API integrations to the media buying platforms – Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, and Google Display & Video 360 – Paradigm optimizes budget allocation per media channel and campaign pacing based on performance insights across media channels.


We built a completely new analytic concept for digital attribution without the use of cookies which could then act as an automated tool, allowing for budget allocation per media channel and campaign, based on real-time performance insights.


Our solution is Paradigm – the first digital attribution and optimization tool and a future-proof attribution model running in Google Cloud, available within our Nordic market only. In addition to evaluating media investments in real-time, Paradigm also activates the updated findings directly in the media buying platforms. The optimal media allocation is activated by a cross-platform algorithm that delivers an optimized budget allocation and pacing across digital media channels and TV to the shopping platforms on a daily basis. This process is based on an algorithm and is fully automated through APIs connected that feed performance data into the media buying platforms, modelling budget allocation based on performance analysis from the past three months. The weekly campaign pacing is assessed on the basis of data from the previous 24 months to take into account seasonal fluctuations such as ‘Black Friday’ and patterns on weekdays.


The result of the test was unequivocal with a consistently lower cost per acquisition at the conversion point (online booking of sight tests) in all weeks of the test course and a 16% lower total CPA in the test groups compared to the control groups.

  • +3M DKK annual media saving across social, programmatic video, display, paid search
  • 16% lower cost per acquisition

The saved media budget is then reinvested in the same media groups which will result in an incremental turnover of DKK 22,800,000 in Denmark alone.  The prospect of rollout in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands will collectively amount to more than DKK 108 million in increased revenue.

Beyond these immediate results, our work provides the client with a future-proof attribution model that is based on the client’s KPIs and allows for a highly detailed front-end evaluation of media investment capabilities. A new platform that evolves in accuracy over time, automates typically complex and resource-intensive media planning and will support budget efficiencies creating long-term scalable value.


An award winner of the Rambukken award for Marketing Automation, 2022.