The best beyond the results is the commitment of the teams, as our business is their business. It's great to have knowledgeable experts in our industry, so that we have our people talking the same language and fast speeding the search to improve results without friction or latency. Flexibility, sympathy, availability and openness as a top plus.
Ricardo Tomé

Coordinating Director

Acceleration identified key market drivers and their impact on sales and brand across multiple markets. This helped us allocate and prioritize our marketing investments, which led to increased ROI and profitability.
IKEA logo
Gianluca Toccafondi

Global Media Manager, IKEA

The biggest change to come from this is that we’re trusting data using it on a cross-functional basis. It’s not only the marketing department that benefits from this data; it also helps the finance department, as well as the CEO and the management team. Everyone can use this data as a basis for their work. It’s a new dawn for the use of MMM in Volvo.
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Per Carleö

Marketing Director, Volvo. Cars, Sweden