The biggest change to come from this is that we’re trusting data using it on a cross-functional basis. It’s not only the marketing department that benefits from this data; it also helps the finance department, as well as the CEO and the management team. Everyone can use this data as a basis for their work. It’s a new dawn for the use of MMM in Volvo.
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Per Carleö

Marketing Director, Volvo. Cars, Sweden

Acceleration identified key market drivers and their impact on sales and brand across multiple markets. This helped us allocate and prioritize our marketing investments, which led to increased ROI and profitability.
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Gianluca Toccafondi

Global Media Manager, IKEA

In recent years, a primary focus of L’Oréal has been digital transformation and accelerating our digital sales. The Tidal project helps us gain a much better understanding of social media’s ability to drive sales, our e-commerce partners and their ability to turn the web traffic L’Oréal delivers into sales, and most important, it delivers significant increases in revenue from our marketing investments through the automated buying setup developed by Acceleration@Wavemaker.
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Nick Buckley

Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal Nordics