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Seizing the opportunity of next-generation campaign management

Carla Petersen Senior Business Consultant

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the dwindling human attention span is not a trait which is limited only to millennials. Recent research shows that the average human now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

The single biggest reason that we are less able to concentrate on any task for a long period of time, is that we’re continuously inundated with information and distracted by multiple screens during most waking moments of the day. The multi-screening phenomenon has trained us consumers, to be less effective at filtering out distractions – as we are increasingly hungry for something new. But, all is not lost. Connected consumers are becoming better at doing more with less via shorter bursts of high attention and more efficient encoding to memory

For brands, this means more opportunities to hijack attention, but also that they need to work harder to maintain it.

Think about the fact that for most brands their social organic reach is between 2 and 4 percent.

What are most brands not doing?

Understanding the customer journey

Forget about the value of the customer to you, and think about your value to the customer.

Brands need to gain even deeper insight into the consumer decision journey so that they can deliver the right brand experience for each customer at each touch point. 

The hurdle that most brands face is that they are struggling to measure and manage the value they deliver to each customer. To get past this obstacle, they must leverage data to understand their customers’ needs and respond appropriately.

In most organisations, however, customer data is scattered across multiple departments and systems, stored in numerous different formats, and often owned by different stakeholders. Bringing the stakeholders together to meet the bigger goal of delivering consistently great customer experiences, with a data model, data governance and data adherence plan to support the effective use of data, is a nirvana most brands have yet to reach.

Next-generation campaign management

The conventional campaign flow model of the past, with its linear campaign funnels, does not and cannot capture the complexity of today’s fragmented customer journeys, creating a need for a new approach. 

This new approach identifies journey stages, critical points in the customer journey that are typically random, and defines targeted sets of responses, which brands should execute in specific situations within each stage.

While the purpose of traditional campaign steps is to determine which message to deliver to which consumer and when, this new approach considers that a consumer might move randomly between stages and customises the message accordingly. In order to succeed at this approach, data is at the heart of the decision-making process.

Acceleration recommends a three-step approach to enabling data-powered decision-making:
  • Applying a customer-centric approach to solution architecture
  • Building engagement and commercial capability on a data framework
  • Putting data at the heart of business decision making

Offering a consistent and relevant brand experience across all touchpoints means brands must be able to manage all the tools, platforms, and datasets that deliver those experiences as an integrated whole. This is an important requirement for the next-generation of campaign management.

next gen campaign

Beyond consumer journey mapping

The ultimate end game of this approach is for the brand to be able to serve customers in an integrated manner, and in real-time, across all channels and touch points. At each touch point, the customer will receive a consistent, personalised experience, and will, in turn, become involved in feedback, brand advocacy and innovation…

And this is how brands can demonstrate their value to their customers.

About The Author Carla Petersen - Senior Business Consultant

As a Senior Business Consultant, Carla works with clients to bridge the gap between marketing and technology. She draws on her deep experience and understanding of the digital media industry to articulate strategic insights for clients

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