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Mastering today’s marketing challenge: delivering consistent and continuous brand experiences

As they always did, your customers want to feel like you value and understand them. But today, they demand that you demonstrate your ability to meet their needs faster and across a broader ecosystem. How do you take advantage of the expanding ecosystem in a way that keeps your brand experience consistent and continuous? By taking one step at a time, starting with the things you’re good at, and then expanding into the unknown. The recent Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah provided some ideas about how you can get this right.

Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson —the first people to successfully free-climb the Dawn Wall of the El Capitan monolith in Yosemite National Park—gave one of the most engaging and inspiring presentations at the 2015 Adobe Digital Marketing Summit. It was a talk that had far more to do with marketing technology and building great customer experiences than you might imagine.

Just like the climbers who reached the legendary 3000 foot summit, every marketer today has a mountain to climb. We need to master big data, deliver consistent and continuous brand experiences at every touch point and device, and meet our customers’ demands for rapid, personalized responses to their needs and behaviors.

Getting it right demands massive changes to organizational structures and culture, as well as significant investments in data and technology infrastructure.

How do you do it? By following similar principles to Caldwell and Jorgeson, who spent five years planning and plotting their route up the treacherous Dawn Wall, then spent a staggering 19 days on their ascent to the summit.

Like them, you need to look at the wall you must master, and find the tiny cracks and small footholds that you can use to slowly make your way to the top. It will take teamwork and patience to move up the sheer cliff, but the effort will be well-rewarded. Address the more difficult terrain as you make your way up your own El Capitan. This is the only way that a large organization can master the massive transformation it needs to remain relevant in a digital world

It’s all about planning, experimenting and optimizing to get better and better results. Of course, marketers need to move faster than the climbers because our mountains are changing all the time. Customer needs and technology are constantly evolving, so we need to be agile to keep up. This is where marketing tools and technologies have an invaluable role to play in helping us to be nimble. .

“The experience is the brand”

The Summit gave us an interesting view of the Adobe product roadmap and its latest technology, as well as insight into the innovative ways that brands are using marketing cloud solutions in the real world. Abode believes that brands today are all about their customer experience and laid out some compelling ideas about how marketers can create contextual, integrated, immediate, and coordinated experiences.

One major theme from the conference is a confirmation that mobility has reached high velocity. Related to this theme is the growing importance of providing great customer experiences across every screen, channel and device—from the PC and the tablet, to the smartphone and the smart TV, and from the call center to Internet of Things devices.

Adobe foresees a world where marketers will create interactive experiences across web-connected devices such as vending machines, hotel room door locks, retail store displays and watch screens. It’s great to see the tools we need to build customer experiences around these technologies reaching maturity

One example of a brand that talked about its work in this regard was MGM Resorts, which spoke about how it offers a continuous experience for a database of 65 million customers from the minute they book. It uses an app on the customers’ smartphone to deliver a frictionless experience. The hotel group confirms your booking on your mobile, uses geolocation to provide personalized services while you’re a guest, and even lets you use your smartphone as your room key.

Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, from Digital Marketing Business at Adobe, sums it up: “Marketing is moving beyond the marketing department and transforming how enterprises organize and engage with customers across every touch point. Enabled by a richer view of the customer, digital experiences are starting to change how we shop, open hotel room doors, interact with our cars and buy soda from vending machines.”

There’s an exciting future ahead for marketers who are ready to climb some challenging rock faces. And if that seems daunting to do it on your own, Acceleration is there to help you map out your path to the top.

Filip von ReicheVP Consulting – Technology
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