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Acceleration’s Technology Partnerships – Independence Through Collaboration

At Acceleration we build our expertise and form our independent view through world-class technology partnerships.

These partnerships, some stretching back almost two decades, help us repeatedly meet our clients’ marketing needs and objectives through the skilful implementation and orchestration of diverse technologies.

It’s about more than making partner software work to specification. We bring these platforms to life: exceeding the sum of their parts by integrating with foundational systems, optimising returns on tech investments and supporting better decisions at every level. The broad and deep knowledge we gain through this work not only enhances the evolution of our partners’ offerings, it also drives the meaningful customer engagements and new capabilities our clients rely on to thrive.

Here are some of those partnerships:

  • Google Marketing Platform

    With a partnership almost as old as Google itself, our capabilities as Google Marketing Platform’s largest technology reseller and professional services partner help our clients manage, automate and scale their online advertising operations with simple and centralised reporting. Our solutions empower publishers to value and place their most diverse content across ad networks, prioritising and refining for optimised ad revenues, while empowering marketers to segment, optimise and monitor spend across their marketing mix.

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  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    An award-winning Salesforce Global Platinum Partner, Acceleration leverages Salesforce Marketing Cloud to give brands clarity, simplicity and a deep understanding of customers across markets, channels, content, data and strategy. Then we ensure Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrates across our clients’ systems to enhance the value of CRM and deliver customised and targeted content across email, SMS and social media.

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  • Adobe Experience Cloud

    As an Adobe Analytics Specialised Partner we help marketers and publishers understand audience behaviours across media and data – optimising consumer engagement and content delivery through detailed behaviour insights. Since establishing the first and exclusive partnership on the Omniture platform in 2005, we’ve developed skills and resources that offer the widest range of marketing assets from what is today Adobe Experience Cloud.

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  • Analytics 360

    Acceleration holds both Services and Sales partnerships on Analytics 360, with more than ten years’ web analytics specialisation across multiple platforms for enterprise clients. No matter how diverse our clients’ marketing and technology needs, our analytics solutions are simple, easy to use and focused on relevant data insights that meet long-term goals. The result is a deeper understanding of customers, their behaviour across digital properties and personalised customer experiences delivered where and when it matters most.

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  • Google Cloud Platform

    The Google Cloud Platform infrastructure enhances our abilities to link big data and business objectives with previously unheard of levels of data analysis, visualisation and integration into multiple and propriety technologies. Noted experts in applying Google’s hosting, storage, networking and Big Data services, we work closely with Google in the development and testing of future product enhancements.

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  • Selligent Marketing Cloud

    A global strategic partnership, Acceleration works with Selligent Marketing Cloud to enable full B2C marketing automation to engage customers across all critical channels. We ensure a seamless integration through our client’s systems that enhance personalization across email, web and mobile platforms and maximize consumer profile and CDP capabilities.

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  • Tealium

    As our Customer Data Platform of choice, Tealium provides vendor-neutral capabilities allowing us to update and syndicate consumer profiles in real-time across the MarTech and AdTech ecosystem. This capability empowers our clients to deploy effective, data-driven experiences for their customers leveraging a best-of-breed technology approach. As a strategic partner with Tealium for over 5 years, we have deep experience unlocking the value of customer data, including real-time integration into Wunderman Thompson Data’s Identity and Data products. Tealium technology is the profile streaming engine for the Wunderman Thompson Customer Cloud.

  • Domo

    The first Domo Certified Professional Services Partner, and now a key development partner, we help global brands transform their decision-making through the visualisation and democratisation of data from every source and at any level. Our unique skills in this area won Acceleration the Ventana Research Leadership Awards for Data Storytelling award, for creating the most innovative use of the Domo platform in the world.

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