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Stronger Marketing Performance and Business-wide Data Insights With Analytics 360 and Acceleration

Robust digital analytics data is the foundation of any modern marketing capability.

Acceleration’s renowned enterprise consulting, data management solutions and broad Analytics 360 experience establishes this foundation. Here our clients see value quickly, meeting immediate analytics requirements while nurturing future value throughout the business.

With a Google partnership stretching back to 1999, we know better than anyone how to address business and technology needs, with certifications and abilities throughout the Google ecosystem that enable:

  • Real-time decision making based on an accurate understanding of your data, the broader business context and where analytics data fits
  • Enhanced value and integrations across Analytics 360, Google Cloud and the broader Google stack, including Adwords, DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager and Google’s huge store of proprietary data
  • Increased return on your Google investment from precise and correctly deployed data
  • A suite of client-specific marketing tools, deployed either within an existing Google Cloud implementation or integrated into heterogeneous foundational systems
  • Opportunities for optimisation and complexity reduction: through technology audits, gap analyses, technology health checks and consulting – complemented by simple and practical recommendations on improving marketing analytics across the business

Future-proof Success Beyond Your Campaign Data

As a marketer you know your business, and you know the questions you need to ask of your data. Yet the route to these answers is rarely clear to begin with.

With a process-driven yet agile approach, we answer these questions across business, technical and operational dimensions. We’ll also work with you to make sure your decisions are based on relevant and accurate data – so you can listen more closely to your customers and determine the KPIs that will drive ongoing performance.

Here we help you combine customer knowledge, engagements and experiences that go far beyond agency-based insights for better strategies, processes, internal capabilities, best practice and agency collaborations. You’ll also see deeper into your own customer and segmentation data, for improved audience building, reporting, segmentation, demographics and loyalty systems.

The results: a full understanding of your customers’ journey, their behaviour across your digital properties and engaging experiences delivered to the right people at the right time.

What Our Partner Had To Say

“Acceleration is one of our most innovative consulting partners and one of the first marketing technology specialists globally to certify on the Google Cloud Platform. As a long-standing partner on both the DoubleClick and Google Analytics side of our business, they are pioneering the application of big data in marketing and advertising. They are the perfect partner for an ambitious, sophisticated client who wants to extract maximum value from a broad range of Google technology platforms.”

Barak Regev Director, Cloud Platform, EMEA, Google

Marketing Delivered With Smart Technology

Acceleration’s intelligent application of marketing technologies provides a clearer view and added efficiencies with simple and visual reporting, and technology, team and data siloes broken down. The consequent flow of marketing information throughout the business leads to both big-picture and fine-detail business intelligence, revealing what your data really means in strategic, tactical and decision-making terms.

Achieving More Together in Partnership

Because every project has unique needs, and often-unforeseen gaps, we practice close and long-term collaborative working with our clients. This approach defines exactly what analytics you require and how to integrate throughout your business, with full appreciation of marketing, technical and business needs.

All this we back up with what is recognised as the industry’s best Analytics 360 training and support, with customised one-to-one attention from consultants who take the time to know your business and:

  • Engage with key stakeholders from day one to ensure everyone is heard
  • Assess, validate and optimise your implementation process through detailing ones data and technical architecture and identifying gaps.
  • Train business, technical and development staff
  • Transfer skills in analytics reporting and how to read insights from your data through better understanding of the reports
  • Create bespoke workshops and working documents that organise and prioritise needs and maintain quality assurance throughout any engagement (via data visualisation tools and custom dashboards).