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Uncover the Deeper Truth in Your Business With Acceleration and Domo

Domo comes into its own when you refine, compile and shape your data into accurate business intelligence, delivered across your organisation, right when it’s needed.

Acceleration takes Domo that step further, enabling constant assessment of activity and measurement of commercial goals – with clear, actionable insights that unite data assets with every facet of an organisation’s systems, processes and people.

Get Ready for a Game-changing View

Our Domo solutions are far more than just sending data to a visual. Because any visualisation tool is only as good as the measurements you make, everything we do is about integrating data, technology and objectives for a complete picture of your business.

  • Think disparate knowledge and analytics data transformed into clear and relevant information that will inform management decisions in the moment.
  • Go further than just connecting popular applications to make sense of and consolidate all your internal and external data, from any source.
  • Join the dots that bring your business data to life, breaking down siloes to build new bridges between departments, markets and objectives.

Insights That Meet Your Specific Business Needs

Tell us your business questions and we’ll provide the answers you need, with views from different angles and enhanced by our own Domo applications and data methodologies.

Acceleration’s agile and multi-disciplinary approach to Domo looks at your entire business to make your teams and decision-makers more aware and naturally collaborative, by optimising:

  1. Your Objectives: With expert business analysis we identify the challenges you face, the questions you need to ask and the KPIs that will measure your objectives.
  2. Your Data Strategy: Determine how best to connect Domo to your data and the critical metrics and rules to apply, including internal, legal and regulatory compliance.
  3. Visual Transformation: What begins as columns and graphs we transform into integrated visualisations in Domo, with cards and dashboards for straightforward decision-support.

We also bring long and deep experience of the technologies we’re connecting to Domo, so data points, metrics, languages and structures combine to give more valuable and nuanced views of your business activity.

Make Life Easier With Streamlined Reporting

Optimised reporting in Domo is about displaying accurate information in real-time, delivered simply and without delay. As part of our engagement we’ll ensure you receive:

  • Unified reports: A single and precise truth that harmonises business functions, activities and systems at every level of detail.
  • Coherent and relevant data: Eliminate data that is repetitious, unusable or irrelevant for a true picture of what’s happening.
  • Efficient distribution of critical knowledge: A single environment from which to access reports and get everyone on the same page, at the same time.
What Our Partner Had To Say

“Thank you for always being on top of things. I have full confidence in Acceleration when I pass over any work. Thanks for your continued dedication and hard work to keep the team running smoothly.”

Ruth Rankin Senior Manager, Consulting Partner Ecosystem, Domo

World-leading Domo Capability, Wherever You Need It

As Domo’s first and most capable channel partner, we combine two decade’s operational experience in digital marketing, enterprise consulting, data management and deep domain expertise, so you achieve true democratisation and visualisation of data at every level.

Add in our place as Domo’s leading channel and development partner, a presence on five continents and over 150 Domo implementations to date and you can be sure of an Acceleration-Domo solution that will transform the way you see your business.

This unique complement of marketing technology and business expertise has won us numerous data industry accolades, including the Ventana Research Leadership Awards for Data Storytelling, for creating the most innovative use of the Domo platform in the world.