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Google Cloud Platform

Harness the power of Google Clouds’s analytics and machine learning capabilities to enable customer-centered, data-driven decision making.

As a long-standing Google partner, we are uniquely positioned to help you optimise your marketing investments.

We’ll help you use Google Cloud’s Big Data processing and analytics capabilities to create a comprehensive view of your most valuable and vulnerable customers, leveraging information from every touchpoint on the customer’s journey. We’ll then harness Google’s machine learning power to predict their behaviour and create automated, personalised workflows.

The result? An effective, customer-centred marketing organisation powered by data-driven decision making.

Harness the power of Google’s Big Data processing, analytics and machine learning capabilities to transform your approach to marketing

  • Create a wholistic view of your customers –across on and offline touchpoints to improve the return-on-investment of your marketing initiatives.
  • Gain real-time insight from automated, accurate analytics – eliminate error-prone manual analytics with automated, integrated dashboards that enable you to surface customer trends and measure performance across channels.
  • Use machine learning to create new revenue opportunities – analyse behaviours, sentiment and emotions to engage new customers, build deeper relationships with existing customers, and predict and prevent churn.
  • Democratise data-driven decision making use data analysis, automation and machine learning to optimise the media planning and execution process, and to personalise the customer experience in real time.
  • Power your content creation and targeting strategy with Google Machine Learning – Our Content Intelligence Engine brings together image recognition and language perception, machine learning and web analytics, to weave a detailed understanding of what makes compelling content. This will enable you to inform future content creation and optimize your content strategy while maximising your return on content.

Unified Reporting Solution – A Single View of Performance Across All Channels

Our Unified Reporting Solution combines data from all your relevant marketing channels into a single view to enable effective decision making. Data is processed based on business rules and exposed to reporting and visualisation tools. The result is a single view that enables smart decisions, accurate attribution and valuable investment analysis.

Learn more about how the Unified Reporting Solution offers fast, comprehensive and accurate reporting that enables better decision making.

Customer Data Platform Solution

Our Customer Data Platform Solution combines customer information from a variety of sources into a single data store before de-duplicating profiles, and augmenting with behavioural, intent and demographic signals. Leveraging the combined set of signals allows for the creation of actionable segments and audiences.

This enables the orchestration of consistent, personalised customer experiences across all channels.

What Our Partner Had To Say

“Acceleration is one of our most innovative consulting partners and one of the first marketing technology specialists globally to certify on the Google Cloud Platform. As a long-standing partner on both the Google Marketing Platform and Google Analytics side of our business, they are pioneering the application of big data in marketing and advertising. They are the perfect partner for an ambitious, sophisticated client who wants to extract maximum value from a broad range of Google technology platforms.”

Barak Regev Director, Cloud Platform, EMEA, Google