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Episode 8 Ethical frameworks in marketing
Olivia interviews journalist, activist and tech-ethicist Alice Thwaite on the matter of ethical use of data and technology
Episode 7 The progression and evolution of analytics with Marc Sanford
In this episode of Marketing Bytes, Jason interviews Marc Sanford who leads strategy and analytics for Wunderman Thompson Seattle.
Episode 6 Marketing organisations, part 2
In this episode of Marketing Bytes, Olivia and Jason explore how the broader macro environment impacts on marketing teams.
Episode 5 Marketing organisations, part 1
In this episode of Marketing Bytes, Olivia and Jason talk about how marketing teams are changing to deliver on customer experiences
Episode 04 What’s next for Google Cloud Platform?
In this episode of Marketing Bytes, Olivia finds out what she missed at Google Next.
Episode 03 User ownership of data
In this episode of Marketing Bytes, Olivia and Jason ask if it’s really possible for consumers to control their own data.
Episode 02 The ultimate marketing platform
In this episode of Marketing Bytes, Olivia and Jason explore the promise of an integrated marketing stack and share their predictions for the future of marketing technology.
Episode 01 The privacy paradox
In this episode of Marketing Bytes, Olivia and Jason discuss the ethical concerns surrounding data collection.

Bite-sized chunks of marketing technology insights and business advice.


Your hosts are Olivia and Tony, a couple of consultants on opposite sides of the Atlantic who are passionate about marketing, technology and biscuits.

Tony Weber

Solution Partner, New York

Tony leads strategy and capability delivery for many of our top tier clients. As a data-driven, customer-focused marketer with a passion for problem-solving, Tony has first-hand experience leveraging capabilities to drive revenue for brands such as Time Inc., American Express and Citigroup.

Tony also has a unique fascination with the history of European monarchies

Olivia Hawkins

Consulting Director, London

Olivia helps clients define and achieve their digital vision, ensuring it delivers against their commercial objectives and their brand and marketing goals. She believes strongly in the opportunities digital offers, and thinks one of the most important parts of her job is to help clients cut through the technology and data jargon and create a clear roadmap for change.

Olivia is a fervent member of the grammar police. We love her anyway.