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Empowering our community

At Acceleration we’re passionate about creating a better world for our clients, employees, and the community around us.

When it comes to giving back, we know that equipping underprivileged young people with skills, work experience, and access to our resources is just as important as the funds we help them raise.

Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun provides holistic development in disadvantaged communities. Their 360 degree model of care consists of three programs: Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Development, and Career Development.

Acceleration supports Afrika Tikkun by offering access to our office and facilities. We have invested our unique skillset in supporting them in setting up their email campaigns and providing their staff with the basic training needed to run it themselves. Like any business partnering with Acceleration, they have ongoing technical support at their disposal.

Accelerators also raise funds through sponsored participation in sporting events, local fundraising drives in our offices, or committing a small amount of their salary each month.