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Unleash the power of Al to maximize your media and technology investment.

Combine and unlock the native AI capabilities of Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud. Designed to work together, and unleash the power of AI in your organization, the future of marketing effectiveness lies in this partnership.

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Unlock the Power of AI

Al is becoming a multiplying force in business, empowering marketers to stay on top of consumer needs and trends, and jump on new insights to build campaigns faster with proven ROI and performance.

  • Quick and scalable time to value for faster​ workflows and immediate optimization​
  • Rapidly expand and scale data and solutions to more markets, channels and business functions​
  • Test and scale proven outcomes and generate demonstrable business ROIs ​

Capitalize on the power of AI



Global Retailer


Customer Lifetime Value

Leading Comparison Site


Media Efficiency

Global FMCG Giant


Basket Value

Online Grocery Retailer


CPC Omnichannel Retailer


Acceleration AI-driven Marketing Maturity Model

Boost media performance and business results by leveraging the power of Al in your owned data and technology ecosystem.

Assess your own organization's capabilities and identify an individual roadmap to improve your AI-based marketing and technology maturity.

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Proven solutions.
Designed around your business.

Iterative. Measurable. Actionable.

Framed across six maturity vectors, each use-case delivers incremental gains for rapid short-term ROl.

Together, they form a scalable, holistic maturity model that creates long-term value and short-term results.


Identify and activate more personalized omni-channel experience based on first party data and AI-driven insights


Leverage AI models to improve bidding accuracy and performance across digital platforms, based on your first party data

Marketing Analytics

Measure and optimize your business KPIs across all marketing touchpoints with real time solutions and AI-based dynamic optimisation capabilities

Digital Analytics

Future proof your digital​ analytics setup with ​Conversion APIs,​ Enhanced Conversion ​and Google Analytics 4


AI-based optimization of media, product and pricing on Google Shopping and other ​online marketplaces

Creative Al

Analyze and predict ​creative performance ​with Artificial Intelligence ​and generate high ​performance ads

How it works

Four stages, unlimited outcomes. Al maturity simplified.



Assess your current ​data, tech and AI capabilities against the maturity vectors. Score your baseline performance.


Identify your future opportunity

Pinpoint your opportunity areas based on your individual business objectives. Define your future state AI ambition.


Prioritize high return activities

Determine your prioritized activities, ranked by factors such as business value, difficulty and investment to execute. ​Build your AI value-creation roadmap.​



Define your immediate steps. Design a specific set of activities, aligned with your priorities, that drive your AI maturity to the next level.​

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