Core Capabilities

Capabilities & Operating Models

We believe that fostering new ways of working and a culture of experimentation are essential for driving innovation and growth. We help you create new capabilities and contemporary operating models that dismantle silos and foster experimentation.

Our global team of consultants employs extensive industry experience to develop a comprehensive framework that transforms your capabilities and operating models through assessments, design, implementation and training.

We partner with your teams to address the strategic value, functions, structure, skill sets, workflows and process automation of your organization, enabling business, operational and personal growth.

How We Transform Your Capabilities & Operating Models

If any of these challenges sound familiar, we’re here to help:

  • How do I transform my digital media operations to be future-proof and data-led?
  • How do I build a culture of experimentation within my organization?
  • How can I optimize my team’s processes and workflows?


Core Products

Operating Model & Capability Assessment

We partner with your teams to assess and analyze your operating model and digital media processes to be more agile, data-driven and customer-centric. By aligning your operating strategy and structure with your marketing approach, we stay focused on achieving your core business objectives. 

Operating Model Design

We integrate our functional map, based on decades of operational media and marketing experience, with your unique requirements to design the best distribution of capabilities, whether through insourcing, outsourcing or hybrid models. By further refining and aligning our model with your business objectives, operational processes, platforms and tools, we can unlock up to a 25% improvement in efficiency.

Process & Workflow Automation

Our first step in determining the right candidates for automation is mapping and aligning your operational processes and workflows to the data and tech that propel them. Once these pieces are in place, we work in an agile and iterative way to identify the tools, platforms, decisions and partners required to generate operational pilots. Driving automation that creates “smart” processes can improve agility, speed and quality and reduce operational costs by up to 20%.

Operational Technology Alignment & Selection

The rapid evolution of martech and adtech platforms, tools and data has resulted in a drop in tech-enabled capability utilization – currently at 42%. By analyzing and aligning martech to your operational functions and processes, we build a foundation for identifying redundancies, gaps and opportunities. We work with your team to inventory, map and assess martech utilization. We also support platform and vendor selection and develop financial models that facilitate consistent, quantitative decision-making and optimize ROI.

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