Core Capabilities

Digital Media Platforms

As a trusted Google partner for over 20 years, we offer an in-depth specialization in Google technologies including Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform for marketers as well as analytics and technology leaders. Acceleration also has deep capability in complimentary and competing technology suits to empower clients that require robust dual implementations and custom enterprise technology configurations.

How We Help You Find and Use the Right Digital Media Platforms 

If any of these challenges sound familiar, we’re here to help:

  • How do I set up integrated and privacy-ready web analytics that measure what matters to my business?
  • My organization wants to use Google platforms. How do I get started?
  • Is it possible to manage all of our search engines in one tool? 
  • How do I decide which products in the Google Marketing Platform product suite are right for my business?
  • How do I measure performance for my media campaigns running through GMP?



Improvement in media buying workflow efficiencies


Increase in page visits and browsing time


Reduction in CPC and CPA

Core Products

GMP Reseller (DV360, SA360, CM360, GA360) 

We have been Google Marketing Platform Certified Sales Partners for over 20 years. We are specialists across the full GMP stack and can work with you to tailor a package that supports your needs. Our experts have deep domain expertise in Google technology and its ability to deliver value.

GMP Configuration & Implementation

We deliver migrations to GA4 in direct partnership with your organization as well as in partnership with media and analytics agencies, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition and maximizing value. Our implementations are tailored to your business to deliver the insights you need, from core measurement requirements through to AI-driven advanced analytics capability.  

Our technology onboarding process for DV360, SA360 and CM360 covers account setup and billing creation, ensures the foundational tagging and product-to-product integrations are in place, and verifies that your products are ready for feature activation and optimization. Marketers and agency partners are included and empowered throughout the process.

GMP Support & Training

We are Google’s longest-standing implementation partner, with decades of experience training clients across the full GMP suite. Our CM/DV/SA/GA360 training includes platform setup and management, orientation, audience strategy, inventory and feeds, data collection and data-driven activation. Our proactive, always-on expert support keeps your GMP products running at peak performance and troubleshoots problems quickly. We also provide regular upskill sessions to prepare you for new feature adoption. If you’re a GA360 customer and have migrated to GA4 or are preparing to migrate to GA4, we can provide platform training and best practices, ensuring you take full advantage of GA4’s potential.

Don’t forget: GA360 customers must migrate to GA4 by July 2024

More than just another evolution of Google Universal Analytics, GA4 is a complete transformation of how the GA360 platform works. With new flexibility to measure different kinds of data, it allows you to see unified user journeys across your website and apps and leverage Google’s AI to predict and surface new insights, while being built to keep up with a changing ecosystem. GA4 is innovating for a future that is consented, first-party, and modelled and delivers an enhanced measurement solution to empower marketers to scale data-driven capability with confidence.  

UA properties for GA360 customers will be sunset and stop processing data in July 2024. Plan your migration now to ensure a seamless transition and to maximize the impact of GA4.  

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