Core Capabilities

Measurement & Optimization

Marketing is a vital catalyst for business growth. But to build credibility and trust with your finance team, you must show that your marketing investment has a clear connection to your organization's financial KPIs. 

We build and implement a unified marketing effectiveness framework that provides strategic, accurate and real-time measurement for all of your marketing activities. Using a combination of advanced analytics methods – like sales modeling, incrementality experiments and data-driven attribution – this structure gives you the tools you need to continuously improve your marketing performance and business results.

How We Optimize Measurement

If any of these challenges sound familiar, we’re here to help:

  • How much should I invest in marketing to optimize revenue and profit?
  • Which brands and products should I use and when?
  • Which marketing channels are most effective?
  • How do I accurately measure the ROI of my marketing channels, tactics and campaigns?
  • How do I measure the incremental impact of my marketing investment?
  • How can I stop relying on cookies in my measurement activities?



Proven profit potential from increasing media investment


Profit potential from re-allocation of media budget


Profit potential from changing timing and priority of campaigns and promotions

Core Products

Marketing Mix Modeling

You need a holistic, accurate and future-proof measurement framework to optimize your marketing and business strategy and drive continuous growth. Sales models – also known as econometrics and marketing mix models – are the centerpiece of our best-in-class measurement strategy. We use these models to get holistic, data-driven insights about which marketing investments are most valuable to your business.

Marketing Mix Modeling

Econometric Marketing Mix Modelling is the strategic, holistic, accurate and future-proof measurement framework to understand what drives your main business KPI’s, and what role marketing and media investments play in this. Our MMM projects (also known as Sales Modelling) help you optimize your marketing strategy and drive continuous growth. They are the centerpiece of Accelerations best-in-class measurement strategy. We use these models to get holistic, data-driven insights about which marketing investments are most valuable to your business.

Incrementality Experiments

A multi-moment strategy is the dynamic execution of marketing activities across multiple channels. It is optimized to achieve individual business outcomes and utilizes data to inform media buying. We use incrementality experiments as essential building blocks to achieve a true multi-moment strategy. 

Incrementality testing is designed to measure the true value of each marketing activity, and our experiments fit seamlessly into a privacy-first, cookieless future. Incrementality experiments is designed to support the Marketing Mix Modelling to provide more frequent and granular proof points. However, these tests are furthermore ideal for testing new initiatives.

Regression-Based Attribution

Our regression-based attribution (RBA) enables you to measure digital media performance with aggregate data sets, which means it doesn’t rely on user-level or cookie-based data. Privacy-safe and durable, cookieless RBA is a supplement to – not a replacement for – marketing mix modeling or multi-touch attribution. Our measurement solution helps you make informed investment decisions in every stage of campaign planning.

Digital Media Attribution: Paradigm

Paradigm is Acceleration’s bespoke and multiple award-winning attribution solution. Paradigm is a unique Machine Learning based attribution tool which through running thousands of real-time regressions enables you to measure detailed digital media performance without the use of cookies – in other words a future proof solution.

Privacy-safe and durable, Paradigm is a supplement to – not a replacement for – Marketing Mix Modelling and incrementality studies. Paradigm helps you make informed investment decisions in every stage of digital campaign planning, either through a real-time performance dashboard or potentially through digital media buying algorithms.

Organic Performance Optimization (SEO)

Improve your website visibility and qualified organic traffic, by understanding how to optimize organic performance metrics, utilizing the best keywords and content to boost your organic position.

Our experts have deep knowledge and technical ability in all things SEO. We develop technical analysis, on-page recommendations and guidelines to help you create content for your website according to the keywords with the highest potential for research.

We conduct SEO Audits & Research to have a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of your website and analyze which keywords boost your site performance. Our Technical SEO Reports and Recommendations help you find key website changes, from content to tags and URLs structure. Moreover, our SEO Competitor Analysis looks into your brand’s competitors to identify information gaps and brand opportunities.

User Experience (UX) Design

We help you understand how to interact with your customers by designing a better online experience. We not only conduct UX audits, where we identify website areas with the greatest potential for UX improvement, but also combine it with User Research and Analysis in order to find insights about users, their main behaviors, motivations and needs.

Whether you want to create a new landing page to promote a campaign or personalize website content depending on the audience, our UX Designers are ready to help you customize content and develop website experiments, in order to optimize your conversion rate funnel.

  • UX Audit
  • UX Research
  • Website Experimentation
  • CVR Funnel Optimization

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