Core Capabilities

AI-Powered Personalization

When and where you reach your audience is essential, but what you reach them with is just as vital. We help you understand and identify audiences based on behavioral-data signals in a privacy-first way so that your storytelling and messaging can be dynamically adapted across all touchpoints. And we guide you in applying artificial intelligence to optimize your content over time to increase relevance and improve performance.

How We Improve Performance With Personalized AI

If any of these challenges sound familiar, we’re here to help:

  • How do I deliver data-driven personalized communications to my customers?
  • How do I use AI to analyze and measure creativity and its impact on financial KPIs?
  • How do I manage my product feed from a technical perspective?
  • How do I optimize the content in my product feed to deliver the highest possible performance?
  • How do I use Google Cloud to optimize my product feed and deliver additional insights and incremental growth?


Core Products

Personalized Content

We analyze and connect your first-party data with your digital touchpoints to personalize communication and deliver the right message to the right audience across different channels.

AI Creative Insights

We use AI to analyze creative display and video ads at scale. We build a creative analytics dashboard where your team can analyze the performance of each creative element in your video ads.

Product Feed Management & Optimization

We help you manage the quality of your product feed and data sources, while ensuring all sales channel requirements are met and the feed is up-to-date. We optimize your product feed with AI and ML in Google Cloud to create a competitive edge across digital marketplaces.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic Creative, also known as DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) or Data-Driven Creative, aims to use data and technology to communicate more effectively. This mechanic allows each user to see a personalized creativity with the message or product best suited to him. Using Artificial Intelligence, we can dynamically adapt which creativity and copy each user is exposed to, based on behavioral, demographic, product or revenue-based factors, as well as external factors (such as weather or geo-location).

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