Core Capabilities

Data Activation

We are recognized leaders in the application of cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our data activation solutions – a combination of Google Cloud technologies, customer data platforms and custom algorithms – enable you to optimize bidding, targeting, phasing and personalization across all digital touchpoints. We help you build strong, lasting connections to your audience to support your growth goals – while still respecting the privacy and security of user data.

How We Optimize Data Activation

If any of these challenges sound familiar, we’re here to help:

  • How do I use first-party data to optimize my digital touchpoints for new and existing customers?
  • How do I apply real-time optimization to my bidding, targeting and phasing strategy?
  • How can I apply data-driven algorithms to my digital media buying to improve my media performance?
  • How can I use state-of-the-art AI and machine learning to enhance my programmatic media buying?
  • How do I use segmentation, propensity models and lifetime value to target the most valuable consumers?



Uplift in performance on 100+ custom algorithm projects


Increase in the number of online bookings for a global retailer


Reduction in cost per qualified visit for a global FMCG company

Core Products

First-Party Data Activation

Collecting and utilizing first-party data allows you to optimize digital touchpoints for new and existing customers and propel ongoing growth for your business. We use Google Cloud for first-party data activation, helping you realize the following benefits: an agile “test-and-learn approach,” faster time to market, tailor-made solutions for your business and advanced AI and machine learning for greater insights.

Custom Algorithms

By creating custom algorithms tailored to your business needs, we increase the ROI of your digital media using algorithmic buying with applied AI. We develop use-case-based solutions owned by your organization and provide high-quality deployment and documentation support.

Value-Based Bidding & Customer-Match Activation

Value-based bidding automates your bidding strategy to drive the most valuable conversions for your business. We estimate and implement the conversion values based on your optimal data sources and model approach. We use customer-match activation to leverage your customer data and reach new and existing customer segments across Google Search, Display and YouTube ads.

Cloud for Marketing Solutions

Organizations that have adopted cloud-based marketing solutions have seen a 20% increase in lead generation and a 15% reduction in acquisition costs. At Acceleration Portugal, we create solutions to help you leverage the power of Cloud to personalize communication, delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. We work with you through a whitebox approach, building solutions in your own environment and on a case-by-case basis, starting small to then scale to achieve faster and tangible results. 

From our range of Data Activation solutions within Cloud for Marketing, we highlight three: (1) our RFM Model helps you build an Audience Strategy by identifying your customers based on their purchase history, from high-value customers, to sleepy ones and new customers to then adapt communication accordingly. (2) Through a Market Basket Analysis we are able to increase average order value through product recommendations by detecting  “the optimal purchase bundle“. (3) Moreover, we can help you understand the impact of your Online marketing efforts on your offline sales. 

  • RFM Model
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Online to Offline

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