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Our client, a global tech giant, wanted to future-proof their marketing operations by embracing first-party data and engaged Acceleration@MediaCom to build the roadmap and foundation for their future 1P-driven marketing efforts. Working in a complex global environment and with a tight deadline, Acceleration helped create powerful audience tagging in GA360 to provide better ROI, insights, and efficiencies.


Our client was looking to increase their marketing ROI and future-proof their marketing investment. To do that, we helped them integrate behavioral segmentation directly within their media buying efforts through the Google Marketing Platform, establishing a long-term durable connection with their media efforts. They decided to utilize the cookieless measurement capabilities of Google Analytics and requested an implementation proposal to be delivered in a very short time frame, to support the growing demands of the business.


Operating within the framework of a complex global organization, Acceleration@MediaCom collaborated with a number of client’s stakeholders to create and deliver a bespoke roadmap and plan for GA360 Tag implementation.

Our approach included:

  • A plan for client migration to GA4 in Q1 with an eye on first-party data collection and future-proofing for the deprecation of cookies
  • Detailed technical specifications supporting their developers to refine the data layer framework and tagging
    Direct integration with the client’s Google Marketing Platform investments
  • A measurement framework that met the client’s high-value engagement needs
“The incredible complexity and change occurring in today’s digital media demand great leaders with strong technical acumen. Together, we’ve taken massive leaps forward in positively impacting media effectiveness and augmented our MediaCom capabilities for growth.”

Johnny Won
Head of MAD Global MediaCom


  • Through close collaboration with MediaCom and Google, we delivered an end-to-end solution for the client
  • The one-year deployment and technical integration roadmap added to the project implementation enabled our client to reap the benefits of cookieless marketing & media impact immediately
  • Our implementation also alleviated some of the burdens on the site performance through a server-side implementation using GTM (Google Tag Manager) server-side
  • Our expertise and approach gave direct value to the client’s marketing efforts and an ability to better understand the interactions within their global web domain
  • The project proves that first-party data and durable connections are the way forward in media to lessen the concerns around the deprecation of third-party cookies for marketeers
  • This project has provided a great foundation for this global technology company to develop their media marketing and now places us in the perfect position to move forward together onto the next phase of this project for further deployment testing and activation