Creating a Future-Proof Marketing Engine for a Beverage Brand

Powering Digital Transformation with Data & Analytics

Our client – one of the fastest-growing US consumer brands in the highly competitive wine and spirits market – was facing the challenge of a rapid shift in consumer media consumption and buying behaviors due to the pandemic. Seeking to future-proof a $340 million media spend, they sought a strategic partner to build a roadmap for lasting marketing and media transformation. Their goal was to unlock greater value and performance from their data, analytics and omnichannel digital experiences.


We partnered with the brand’s marketing and IT departments to create a cost-neutral digital transformation plan for the US market that included marketing and advertising data, analytics, technology platforms/tools and an operating model.


Our team worked collaboratively with client stakeholders and SMEs to complete the assessment, ideation, planning and financial modeling of our client's marketing and advertising capabilities in the US market, creating a cost-neutral transformation plan. Our approach included four key steps:

  • Step 1: Identify, consolidate and centralize consumer data, analytics and channel activation platforms
  • Step 2: Improve alignment and integration of marketing and IT functions to drive greater speed, agility and efficiency
  • Step 3: Leverage new data sources, analytics and modeling to drive greater personalization across owned digital channels (display, video, social, web, e-commerce
  • Step 4: Improve the accuracy and speed of decision-making by improving the flow and access to near real-time marketing performance data

The project identified $21 million in incremental savings from tech consolidation and data-driven marketing and media operations over four years. This revenue lift delivered an internal rate of return of 207%, with full project payback within three years.