Elevating Customer Experience & Brand Image

As an established mid-tier brand in a highly competitive US auto market, our client was looking to elevate their brand to “mid-luxury.” They wanted to improve customer loyalty by combining an exceptional customer experience with exciting new vehicles.


Our client’s aim was to transform its current operating model to one fueled by customer data and insight, improving speed, agility and delivering personalized experiences at scale. We partnered with our client’s marketing team and our digital agency partners to transform the brand’s approach to customer engagement—turning siloed, manual, slow-moving marketing operations into integrated, automated, agile and insight-driven.


Using a multi-dimensional maturity assessment, we worked collaboratively with our client and agency partners to establish a foundation of understanding and a portfolio of time-phased transformation initiatives and investment covering: martech and customer data platforms, analytics, 1P-3P data, campaign operations, performance measurement and programs for change spanning their North American operations.

Our process included:

  • Assessing the brand’s marketing capabilities and aligning them with business and marketing objectives
  • Co-creating new customer journeys based on branding and target customer insights
  • Restructuring data, analytics, content and activation platforms to improve personalization and conversions
  • Centralizing customer data and insights
  • Upgrading operating models and performance visualizations to drive speed, agility and accuracy in decision-making


Our digital transformation delivered:

  • An agile and automated, campaign management and analytics operating model
  • A new analytics ecosystem for consistent measurement and reports
  • Actionable insights across vehicle models and digital channels
  • Increased efficiencies and reduced time spent on creating and sharing reports through a new self-service dashboard
  • An accelerated and highly successful launch of a new crossover utility vehicle (CUV)
  • Activation of the new, data-driven operating model that enabled the brand to achieve and exceed new vehicle sales targets during the pandemic