Data Activation

Increasing 5 million euros in revenue by connecting strategic segmentation to media buying

A global leader within home furnishing has an ambitious target of reaching 50 billion euros in annual revenue. Reaching this requires that the company must grow its penetration in existing markets by 3-5% year on year.

The client has developed a global consumer segmentation identifying untapped potential and opportunities within each market, to support the business goal.

Acceleration's expertise was pivotal in turning a strategic offline segmentation into an actionable digital segmentation. Enabling effectively consumer targeting through paid media channels and assessing the performance. Ultimately, bridging business strategy to financial targets via data source connections.

Our ambition

Connecting strategic segmentation to media buying. I.e., creating a methodology to offer media consumption and channel profiles for the client's segments while facilitating activation in addressable channels. Leveraging WPP’s proprietary syndicated data source enables scale across verticals and 79 markets.

Our solution

Step 1: Acceleration developed a media use case framework based on a data fusion between the client’s segmentation and WPP's Audience Origin.

Step 2:
Using the insights from the data fusion to describe the media behaviour of the client’s six segments. Creating the media planning foundation in markets.

Step 3:
Digital activation and scale via look-alike modelling, creating addressable audiences in programmatic and social buying platforms. Based on permissioned data seed.

Step 4:
Incrementality testing – measuring and comparing the performance of digital look-alike segment to the client’s business as usual in-platform targeting via A/B split test.

Key solutions

  • Data fusion between client’s & WPP data sources
  • Audience strategy & activation in addressable channels
  • Measure incremental impact of implemented solution

The results

When comparing the digital segmentation to the client’s usual in-platform audience (business as usual) it is evident that the digital segmentation is cheaper to target, more engaged, and drives more relevant traffic:

Business impact

5,000,000 € estimated increase in revenue​

Media impact

19% lower cost per quality visit
8% lower cost per mille
10% higher click-through rate
16% lower cost per click
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