Always-On Media Transformation
Digital Transformation Put Simply

Digital transformation is often understood as buying more tech and building new capabilities. But it is actually more about privacy and the changing ecosystem. Why? Because the third-party cookies are going away and thus the capabilities we have today will deteriorate - meaning that we need to change the way we work with data.

Of course that when talking about digital transformation, a single use case does not transform companies digitally. That’s why we at Acceleration, and together with our clients, build a digital transformation roadmap based on a maturity assessment and gap analysis:

- How good are you at working with data today?

- What data assets do you have in place?

- How can we map out those different capabilities against what you are already doing?

- Where do you want to be?

Watch the video and hear our two cents on Digital Transformation.

In this series, we address industry-related challenges, marketing needs, and complex solutions - put simply for you in 5 exciting episodes.