One of the world’s biggest technology companies needed to maximize its use of Cloud to obtain the detailed customer insights required to improve media performance and mitigate the bottom-line impact of order cancellations. Looking at its audiences, bidding and creative AI, amongst other things, we delivered a number of improvements that reinvigorated its advertising strategy and left the client with the capabilities to extract more value from its GCP and GMP investments.  

The Model

The Acceleration AI Marketing Maturity Model is deployed to assess client's capabilities, provide a bespoke roadmap and implement proven solutions to elevate their data and technology maturity. Our proprietary model is based on 100+ of Acceleration’s completed Cloud projects across six vectors and 30 proven use cases, enabled by AI. Each use case delivers incremental gains for rapid short-term ROI. Together, all the use-cases form a scalable, holistic maturity model that creates sort-term results and long-term value.  This case study showcases the results generated for a global technology company across key use cases, demonstrated and framed against our new AI-based maturity framework.

Background & Goals

This client is one of the most recognizable names in technology but was not immune to the macroeconomic changes imparted on the world post-pandemic. At a time when consumers had become used to rapid delivery and online ordering, this company was facing challenges with its supply chain and inventory. Additionally, its legacy technology was limiting visibility into the buying habits of its customers, particularly purchase intent, which was hindering the effectiveness and business impact of its advertising investments.

Against this backdrop, the brand had three key goals:  

  1. Extract more value from their 1PD for media and marketing  
  1. Increase efficiencies in media to drive more sales  
  1. Better leverage data to create a stronger customer experience and improve media performance  

Discover & Assess

Discovery and assessment of the client’s business revealed that it wasn’t taking advantage of the integrations with the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and the potentially powerful data created by GA360. Improving this integration would harness the power of its 1PD, drive efficiencies, and ultimately improve media performance.

We were also able to identify other areas of the business where it could improve its capabilities to meet the challenges it was facing. With no one-size-fits-all solution, we presented multiple ideas back to the client which it adopted including; a privacy audit, advanced analytics, improvements to its value based bidding and ways to improve the connection between inventory and advertising strategies.

Future Mapping & Priorities  

What followed was a process of prioritization focusing on the solutions and distinct projects that would create greater connectivity across its data and marketing technology. All while enabling it to tap into platforms’ native AI capabilities across key maturity vectors bidding, marketing analytics, digital analytics, commerce, and audiences.

Implementing change

Over a two-year period, we completely revolutionized the way in which this client engages with the cloud platforms in its estate and how it uses its 1PD as well as delivering several tailor-made solutions to future-proof the way in which it advertises to its audience. We delivered:

  • Digital Analytics / GA4 - strengthening the company’s 1PD collection, increasing understanding of user behavior, improving integration with GMP and ensuring a seamless data flow into GCP for analysis  
  • Value based bidding - insights relating to high-value conversions were activated in SA360, enabling Google’s AI and bidding algorithms to work more effectively, lowering costs and increasing returns
  • Inventory Responsive Marketing (IRM) - a multi-platform solution that uses the capabilities within GCP to predict if a customer will cancel their purchase and dynamically serves creative in real time to present a similar product based on predicted interests

Short-Term Success & Long-Term Legacy

Through greater visibility into buyer behavior and huge improvements in analytical capabilities, the client was able to realize massive benefits - reducing cancellation rates, increasing conversion rates, finding efficiencies in media investment and streamlining reporting.

The client also has new and durable capabilities that will continue to drive growth in the future. For instance, it is now able to do more advanced bidding using machine learning techniques - something it is actively rolling it out in all paid search campaigns.

Our work has also facilitated closer collaboration between IT and marketing teams and enabled the organization to leverage the power of AI and extract more value from GCP and GMP investments. Additionally, we were able to help the client navigate its GA4 implementation across all its markets which is key to meeting local privacy regulations.