AI-Powered Personalization

Increasing Traffic & Sales with Streamlined Campaigns

An Italian retailer – which sells thousands of products across fashion, beauty, home, design and food and beverage categories – wanted an efficient, centralized approach to manage multiple campaigns and promotional activities on different platforms.


The retailer needed to manage over 60,000 products from their catalog on different platforms, as well as perform promotional activities on their e-commerce website, including seasonal campaigns and discounts. Our goal was to create feeds with rules that optimized performance and allowed the client to create groups and subgroups to oversee all promotions.


Our team focused on providing support for the client in the following areas: feed optimization, feed management, Google Cloud analysis and third-party integrations. We used Google Merchant Center and Meta feeds to reach the brand’s goals of creating campaigns and increasing traffic and sales. We structured the project into four phases to optimize the activity, providing continuity of service and fast execution:

  • Step 1: Catalog analysis, study of the client's promotional activities, creation of brief and result-sharing methodologies
  • Step 2: Optimization of the direct connection between the CMS and the feed platform through the creation of rules with 400+ Boolean conditions
  • Step 3: Introduction and optimization of the SaaS platform for feed optimization and distribution (
  • Step 4: Use of Google Cloud and BigQuery to manage performance data and insights and create reports to improve activities


The brand’s conversion rate increased by 30% (YoY). As a result of our work, the client also gained precise targeting capabilities and greater efficiency, control and visibility in feed optimization and management.

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