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As one of only seven Nordic Google Sales Partners that can offer this service, we are proud to announce that GroupM has been awarded Google Marketing Platform's Google Mobile Web Partner certificate.

In today’s complex digital landscape, where technology and consumer behavior are developing at an accelerated pace, companies need to be at the forefront of innovation if they are to create the best conditions for ensuring engagement and driving conversions online. A crucial measure to achieve this is mastering the mobile web experience. As mobile devices have become the preferred choice for online interaction, a smooth and engaging mobile web experience is no longer an option – it's a necessity. That's why the Google Mobile Web Certification was created to underline of the importance of mobile-friendly websites. An agenda that Google has been the frontrunner of driving.

However, it seems not all advertisers are of the same opinion as Google.Nicolai Høg, Director of Addressable Content at GroupM Nexus, elaborates:

"When clients are e.g. looking at redesigning their website, building an entirely new website etc., many are still going at it from a desktop-first approach. But for the last couple of years, we've seen a gradual transition happening towards a mobile-first approach and Google has been part of leading that transition".


What is the Google Mobile Web Certification?

In 2018, Google launched 'GoogleMarketing Platform Partners' to give advertisers access to a network of accredited partners, that could help them grow their business through the use of Google's advertising and analytics tools. As digital marketing continues to become more complex, advertisers need help with solving challenges across and often beyond Google's products, such as e.g. solutions for first-party data, machine learning and more.

Since then, Google has expanded its partner program and its range of certifications, and in 2021 they came out with a new and unique skill-based certification: Mobile Web Certification. Google Mobile Web certification acts as a trademark, which proves that the partner understands the importance of mobile friendliness and most importantly can deliver it. In other words, it means that the website meets Google's strict standards for user experiences on mobile devices, i.e page speed, responsiveness, and overall usability.

A Continuous Journey

Google's Mobile Web certification is not easy to acquire, and you therefore don’t see it being awarded to partners lightly:

"This is not a certification given for standalone results of one test, or one implementation. It is a certification given because we have continuously proven to create value for, in our case, two clients with two specific cases, running for over more than a year", said Nicolai Høg.

The importance of the certification is further cemented by Google's own research, which shows how a drop of just 0.1 seconds in web page speed can increase conversion rates by up to 8% on mobile.

After all, consumers are leading the way, and they expect a mobile experience that's fast, seamless, and personalized – just like on desktop. Google's research also highlights how 72% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to brands that offer a personalized experience.

Google's recognition gives us a prestigious seal of approval, which proves our ability to meet Google's high standards for partner proficiency in mobile performance and mobile speed:

"[…] since the majority of traffic is on mobile devices, the certification is proof that we are able to serve those lines with the consultancy and optimize those user terms", says Michael Hein Krogh, Executive Director Platforms at Acceleration.

Nicolai Høg elaborates:

"The critical point to be made here is that the value of your advertising is decreasing. So, it costs you more to reach a larger audience and to get them engaged and convert. Everything is more expensive because of the current media landscape. The forecasting tells us that in the future, we need to be smarter with how we use and help our clients utilize their budgets. So, we help them assess their budget more efficiently. Itis a critical and important time that we are in, and I think it's great timing for GroupM to get the certification. This will hopefully also get our clients to acknowledge that we can't just keep re-utilizing the previous year's planning sheets. We need to look at it from a different angle".

Zahra Alikahi, Head of Customer Experience Addressable Content at GroupM Nexus adds:

"This certification initiated by Google is also a call to action to challenge the traditional way of looking at media spend ROI.  It’s no longer just about attracting traffic but captivating and retaining it by ensuring a smooth experience."


The Future of Media

In the age of handheld devices, Google Mobile Web Certification stands as a benchmark for the future media landscape. To sharpen our skills with a heightened focus on the user experience also speaks well to the conversations concerning a cookieless world. Conversations that Google is very much driving.

By greatly optimizing the user experience (in this case on mobile devices) you are much more well-equipped to intercept first-party data. Since it becomes close to impossible to acquire first-party data without a positive user experience that ensures your audience’s return and willingness to offer information. With a user-friendly mobile experience, you are better off when the third-party cookie becomes obsolete – and Google is already preparing for this.