Measurement & Optimization
Many marketers do not consider that not all conversions are incremental.

As we steer toward a privacy-first, cookieless future, the need for accurate and privacy-compliant measurement is paramount for success. Failing to identify the incremental value of your marketing initiatives can lead to misguided campaign comparisons and suboptimal optimization, potentially wasting your budget. This is where incrementality testing becomes indispensable.

Our masterclass video will take you on a journey through the world of incrementality testing, with a particular focus on geographical experiments. These experiments offer the unique advantage of accounting for seasonal variations, holidays, and nationwide trends. They can be employed as a standalone method or complement the findings from econometrics, providing a more detailed and frequent perspective that can uncover insights that econometrics alone might overlook.

The video not only showcases the importance of incrementality experiments in measuring the effectiveness of your current marketing activities, but also explains how these tests can be used to test new initiatives and reveal hidden opportunities. It’s a must-watch for marketers looking to elevate their multi-moment strategy and make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.

Watch the video below and embark on this journey with Kasper Madsen.

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