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AI-powered digital automation with Tidal

Due to shifts in consumer behavior, L’Oreal encountered difficulties in assessing their sales partners' capacity to transform website visitors into paying customers. Seeking a solution to optimize their media budget allocation in real-time, they turned to Acceleration@Wavemaker for assistance.

We collaborated with them to create and put into action the customized AI Algorithm known as 'Tidal.' This innovation streamlined their social media advertising, resulting in a 22% improvement in media budget efficiency.

Our ambition

L’Oréal wanted to increase the overall turnover with better performance of their media investment efficiency. To do that, they needed a simple, detailed, and resource-light sales attribution model for 20 brands across the four Nordic markets, to gather and use data effectively in their media investments moving forwards, enabling a higher degree of transparency in the user journey from media impression to sales.

Our solution

Together, we created ‘Tidal’ – a bespoke AI that predicts the sales foreach of the eCommerce partners across 20 brands and four markets.

With Tidal, we were able to:

  • Predict the outcome of future campaigns and optimize potential to focus on media spend
  • Understand the effectiveness of media investments and replicate successful campaigns
  • Identify paid social campaigns that were overspending and underspending to refine and target media budgets

Key solutions

  • Data Activation and Advanced Analytics
  • Data-Driven Attribution
  • Audience Strategy
  • Predictive & Advanced Analytics

The results

With Tidal, we created a tool that can invest and reinvest media budgets in real-time, while getting progressively smarter as more data is processed. It has improved the way L’Oréal runs and optimizes Facebook campaigns.

22%average increase in media efficiency via brands/markets
14%increase in effectiveness due to Tidal’s ability to optimize investments between brands and markets
8%increase in efficiency as Tidal works on micro-optimizing budget allocations ensuring that investments are made when returns are peaking


Award Winner

Silver award winner of the Danish Digital awards for Analytics and AI, 2021.