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Paradigm Put Simply

We're all familiar with those cookie pop-ups that greet us on every web page we visit. We're presented with the option to accept or decline, but only a few truly understand the implications - not just for themselves, but for the entire media industry.

When advertisers embark on creating and promoting campaigns, they often face the challenge of measurement. The tricky part is determining the extent to which ads alone contribute to the campaign's impact. Traditionally, we have relied on dominant attribution models to gauge the influence of platforms like Facebook or Google. However, these models rely heavily on cookies.

This is where Paradigm comes into play.

Instead of relying on cookie data, which pertains to individual users, we leverage campaign-related information such as:

  • Time of the day
  • Campaign message
  • Platform
  • Creative elements
  • And more

With Paradigm, our cookieless attribution model, we render cookies obsolete and strive for digital maturity.

But what exactly is Paradigm? Watch the video below to discover how we:

  1. Created a fully automated and dynamic solution that offers a unified truth for all relevant stakeholders.
  2. Successfully relieved digital specialists from the typically resource-intensive tasks within agencies.

In this series, we address industry-related challenges, marketing needs, and complex solutions - put simply for you in 5 exciting episodes.