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Media transformation with Paradigm

In recent years, limitations on third-party data and political restrictions have hindered advertisers in attributing conversions to digital media activities.This makes it harder to optimize media buying and ensure efficiency and return on ad spend.

To address this challenge, we collaborated with Specsavers to develop Paradigm, a digital attribution and optimization tool that operates without relying on cookies. By directly integrating with media buying platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, and Google Display& Video 360, Paradigm optimizes budget allocation and campaign pacing across various media channels based on performance insights.

Our ambition

Our goal was to build a completely new analytic concept for digital attribution one that eliminates the need for cookies. This concept would serve as an automated tool, enabling budget allocation for each media channel and campaign in accordance with real-time performance insights.

Our solution

Our solution is Paradigm – the first digital attribution andoptimization tool and a future-proof attribution model running in Google Cloud.

  • Media investments evaluated in real-time
  • Updated findings activated directly in the media buying platforms
  • Fully automated process through connected APIs
  • Cross-platform algorithm ensuring daily optimized budget allocation and pacing across digital media channels and television, directly to the shopping platforms
  • Modelling budget allocation based on performance analysis from the past three months
  • Seasonal fluctuations such as ‘Black Friday’, patterns on weekdays, payday, and weather accounted for in the model• All information displayed on a dashboard, which all relevant stakeholders can have access to

Our results

Our work has yielded immediate results while also offering theclient a future-proof attribution model that aligns with their KPIs.This model enables a thorough evaluation of media investmentcapabilities at a granular level and our platform evolves over time,automates complex media planning tasks, and supports budgetefficiencies, resulting in long-term scalable value.

+3M DKK annual media saving across social, programmaticvideo, display, and paid search
16% lower cost per acquisition
+22M DKK incremental turnover from the saved media budget reinvested in the same media groups
108M DKK in increased revenue after rollout in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands


Award Winner

Gold award winner of the I-COM Data Creativity awards for Performance Measurement, 2023.

Award winner of the Rambukken award for Marketing Automation, 2022.