As a leader in the highly competitive gaming industry our client wanted to level-up its approach to marketing reporting. 

Contending with rapid release cycles and limited data due to 3P sellers, the brand needed a comprehensive solution that would make its data as accessible, actionable, and powerful as possible. 

By strategically integrating Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Acceleration delivered a solution that democratized access to the brand’s analytics data, strengthened its internal dashboarding and reporting, and enabled data driven decision making across a wide range of stakeholders. 

A Connected Approach to GMP + GCP

To achieve the brand’s goals, we created a flexible and powerful reporting ecosystem by combining data from GA4 with Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Looker. 

We enabled an advanced, yet streamlined, approach to marketing reporting by:

  • Instituting benchmarking in GA4 to enable more accurate MoM, QoQ, YoY comparisons and visualizations.  
  • Migrating GA4 data from AWS to GCP to enable a direct connection to Looker for better dashboarding.
  • Leveraging GA4 BigQuery Schema in GCP for more sophisticated data organization and to address data management challenges. 
  • Implementing Looker for simplified business intelligence visuals with a flexible reporting framework to support a wide range of executives and practitioners.   
Delivering Transformation 

The solution transformed the brand’s approach to marketing reporting and empowered their business with long-term capability for data-driven decision making through:

  • Democratized data for powerful insights & consistency across stakeholders & leaders
  • More actionable data through stronger information organization & structure across all regions/titles
  • Clean & accurate performance comparisons due to benchmarking implementation 

The work has also built an important foundation for future Cloud work. While addressing the immediate goals and needs, it also paved the way for new opportunities to combine additional datasets (fulfillment, subscriptions, etc.) with GA4’s behavioral data for advanced visualization, benchmarking, modeling, and activation.

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